It was in 2011 that I first recognised that having the lead on your dog at all times was a safe and convenient way of managing my dogs.  Now we are very excited to introduce a Doddle for large dogs to add to the family.  You can read more about this in our blog, but please read on, or view all our videos (there are lots on YouTube), to get a feel for what the Doddle can do for you and your best friend.

Doddle for Dogs

Doddle Comparison

A general comparison between the Doddle and "Retractable" leads.
LengthUp to 1mUp to 5m
Tape LeadYesYes
Wire LeadNOYes
Lead on dogYesNO
Soft Loop handleYesNO
Solid handleNOYes
Easy to hold >1 dogYesNO
Easy to LoseNOYes
Easy to hurt fingersNOYES
Trip hazardNOYes
Attach to harnessYesNO
Up to 25kgYesYes
Up to 40kgYesYes