Introducing the Doddle Collar
and Doddle for Harness

A Doddle is a small, lightweight robust pod with a springy 1m lead that comes pre-attached to a specially designed doddle collar or fixes onto your dog’s harness. The very strong, robust lead springs in and out to a maximum length of 1m with a looped handle for immediate control of your dog, whether you are inside or outside. It is waterproof for those wet muddy days, for use on beaches or for dogs that like a swim and makes your whole dog walking experience happier, safer and so “fiddle free” that we called it a Doddle. In a few days, you will wonder what you did before you started using the “DODDLE”!

So many of our customers say they couldn’t do without a doddle once they have one. 

The doddle springy leads are now available for the offer price of only £19.95 for a limited time only.  Please visit the Shop to order online.

Doddle for Dogs

Doddle Comparison

A general comparison between Doddle and "Retractable" leads.
LengthUp to 1mUp to 5m
Tape LeadYesYes
Wire LeadNOYes
Lead on dogYesNO
Soft Loop handleYesNO
Solid handleNOYes
Easy to hold >1 dogYesNO
Easy to LoseNOYes
Easy to hurt fingersNOYES
Trip hazardNOYes
Attach to harnessYesNO
Up to 25kgYesYes
Up to 40kgCOMINGYes