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Back in the harness for Doddle inventor

Doddle-for-harnesses-TextThe ingenious dog collar company Doddle for Dogs has launched its latest invention to help busy dog owners – a revolutionary retractable lead attachment for harnesses.

With many dog owners opting to use a harness for walking, with benefits including better comfort and control of the dog – the new doddle attachment fits snugly to the harness enabling owners to reach and grab a retractable high strength lead when needed.

Inventor Sally Pattie, came up with the idea of the Doddle when she had three dogs and was forever clipping on and off leads while walking through local fields and roads. She got to work inventing a retractable lead positioned in a housing ‘pod’ on the collar which unwinds as it is pulled – eliminating the hassle of attaching a lead.

With the Doddle now adapted for use with a harness, the invention opens up an even wider audience for the dog walking aid.

DoddlePodLightweight and compact, the doddle ‘pod’ is easily connected to the harness with the use of strong pop-studs that fit snugly around the front of the harness, enabling the best positioning for optimum control. Owners can then reach and grab the neat tab, pull out a retractable standard one metre lead with a looped handle when needed.

Sally Pattie said “Since launching Doddle for Dogs over a year ago, the interest in my collar design has been tremendous and it’s been fantastic meeting so many customers at national dog shows and trade exhibitions.

“I soon realised how many people use harnesses to walk their dogs and how important it was to create a Doddle specifically for this market.

“By using a harness, owners are able to have better control of their dogs as well as helping to combat pulling and by fitting a Doddle pod to the harness instead of a lead, this enables owners to have a simple ‘grab and go’ lead when desired.

Bertie-Harness“Dogs love the freedom of being exercised without a lead, yet the Doddle offers the best of both worlds with owners able to quickly reach down and grab a retractable lead housed in the pod.”

The Doddle for Harnesses weighs only 39 grams, less than two dishwasher tablets, and has been endorsed by numerous vetinerary experts as a truly unique convenience innovation.

Veterinary Cardiologist David Dickson says “I’m a keen runner and my dogs love to go off the lead. However when I run I need to be able to grab them at a moment’s notice: the Doddle is perfect as I can grab them whenever I need to without having to fiddle with clips and collars, then just let go of the lead; it always springs back into the “pod” and they then carry their leads wherever they run. Wonderful!”