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Black or Red, Large or Small

Black or Red, Large or Small – we finally have most dogs covered!  If you would like a Doddle for your larger dog – up to 40 kg – we have finally cracked it.  After another 3 years of development, trialling, strength testing and finding a slot at the manufacturing plant, we have taken delivery of Large Doddles as well as black or red Doddles in ALL  four sizes. 

The Large Doddle has a short control lead with a maximum length of 75 cms and it is 13 mm wide.  The collar is  42 – 55 cm (adjustable with a buckle) and it is 25 mm wide.  It is strength tested for dogs up to 40 kg.

We hope you will enjoy all the benefits of the Doddle as much as we do.  We still get owners ordering again and again when their original doddles have finally worn out.  One customer has had 3 Doddles in the last ten years – so you get good value for money with them.  We also offer a one year manufacturing warranty (details in the information that accompanies each Doddle purchase).

A Doddle = a springy lead, a robust collar and a strong Pod that contains the retractable mechanism – all in one and for one price.  Amazing!