Dog obedience training aid

The Doddle – An Ideal Dog Obedience Training Aid

Training heelwork with a toy or treats and need to be able to control your dog if needed without the lead getting in the way? Training sendaway and want to maintain the excitement but also make sure the dog doesn’t go before you send it? Or training stays with a young dog and don’t want […]

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Doddle on beach No collar

The Perfect Summer Dog Accessory!

Are you planning on taking your dog to the beach this summer? A Doddle customer recently left this feedback about how perfect our Doddle retractable dog collars are for making life so much easier on trips to the beach: “I took our collies to the beach last night complete with Doddle collars and it was […]

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Millie's first day at the beach (as far as we know)

Romanian Rescue Dogs – The Dog collar Journey

Some years later we have the Doddle dog collar, the Doddle Pod (which is a lead that fixes to a dog harness) and 2 Romanian rescue dogs in the family……because of meeting a fabulous lady when exhibiting the Doddles in Norfolk – who rescues and fosters dogs from Romania (and who now has 6 rescues […]

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Doddle Pod Review by I am Sally

Last year I got to try out the collar Doddle a nifty little device and great for walks, however I often wear a harness as I love car trips and so when I heard they also made a Doddle for harness I was excited to give it a try (after all trying means more walks). […]

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Life’s a Doddle by Suki and the City

My life as a cosmo city girl has gotten so much easier thanks to the Doddle Harness. A retractable lead inside a cute red pod (can also be bought pre-attached to dog collar ) that means I’m ready to go in a second? Best idea ever… With a hectic schedule like mine it means B, […]

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Doddle Collar

Doddle For Dogs dog collar by TK

My ten year old applehead chihuahua Mr Joseph Bones loves nothing more than his morning walk and a gravy bone before a nap on the sofa, with his paws up in the air, little tongue between his lips and an hilarious grunting snore. But going walkies isn’t as straight forward as it seems, as I […]

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Doddle Dog Collar Review- This Day I Love

I love trying new things, especially gadget things so I was very keen to try a Doodle for dogs. I know from experience how frustrating it can be when your dog is off lead and you have to recall and attach the lead back on the dog collar. You spend ages and the dog gets […]

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