Can a greyhound wear a Doddle?

If your greyhound is like Jack, then the answer is YES!  That is because although Jack weighs lots  more than the 27 kilos we can guarantee the Doddle for, he doesn’t pull and is very very obedient.  The Doddle fits his neck easily and Sylvia his owner says that it saves her having to carry his lead which can be very inconvenient.

Jack will run and run but comes when called so that the only time Sylvia really has to use a lead is if they come to a road suddenly or a field of sheep.  She then will gently take hold of the loop handle on the Doddle and immediately has Jack safe and under control.

If you have a dog weighing more then 27 kilos that doesn’t pull and you want to use the Doddle for all the good reasons everyone is using a Doddle, then think of Jack!Jack is a perfect Doddle Moddle!