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Doddle Dog Collar Review- This Day I Love

I love trying new things, especially gadget things so I was very keen to try a Doodle for dogs. I know from experience how frustrating it can be when your dog is off lead and you have to recall and attach the lead back on the dog collar. You spend ages and the dog gets fed up. You are left carrying a lead around with you on your walk too. Doodle for dogs frees up your hands and yet is also a secure lead.

Now I have two dogs, walking is even more complicated. Our new puppy had her first walk recently. Doodle made lead training easy. She was already used to wearing Doodles, I got her used to this first. I then would gradually remove the lead and slowly introduce her to walking. She now walks lovely with no problems.

Doodle for dogs is basically a dog collar with a lead built into it. It is not a flexi long length lead and it is only suitable for dogs under 27Kg. I would also suggest it is not suitable for very nervous dogs, as the noise of the ratchet inside the collar may spook them.

Dog collar by Doddle for Dogs
Dog collar by Doddle for Dogs

Doodle for dogs is really clever. It is comfortable to hold and walk our dog on, even J who likes to pull. J also finds it really comfortable to wear and has even fallen asleep in it.