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Doddle for Dogs Review – By City Dog Expert

We were sent a Doddle for Dogs to try out on the pups. A Doddle is a small robust pod fixed onto your dog collar or harness. It contains a lead which springs in and out to a maximum length of 1m with a looped handle for immediate control of your pooch, whether you are inside or outside.

The idea behind Doddle for Dogs It all makes your whole dog walking experience happier, safer and easier. It means you never have to sarch for your dog lead as it is already on your dog!IMG_0079-e1463673589803-768x1024

I take the dogs out on lots of woodland, field and beach walks when we are away from the City and for the first time since trying the Doddle for Dogs, I didn’t have to put a muddy or wet dog lead around my neck while the dogs played free. The freedom to not have to fiddle around with taking a lead on or off is a fantastic time saver. I can imagine it saving my hands getting cold or wet in the winter.

The dogs still had off lead freedom and I didn’t have any hassle.