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Doddle For Dogs dog collar by TK

My ten year old applehead chihuahua Mr Joseph Bones loves nothing more than his morning walk and a gravy bone before a nap on the sofa, with his paws up in the air, little tongue between his lips and an hilarious grunting snore. But going walkies isn’t as straight forward as it seems, as I also have a toddler son Gabriele, who enjoys helping out and ‘tidying up’ which has often led to Joseph’s lead being misplaced in the bin, cupboard or a shoe, and as a result he occasionally misses his morning walk with us to school until I can locate it.

The dog collar with a built in lead!
The dog collar with a built in lead!

Doddle For Dogs

The Doddle For Dogs is an ingenious idea, as it features a bright red dog collar with a built in lead, with no more fiddly clipping on and off, no more misplacing it and never having to carry the lead when he runs free across the fields. The lead itself is made from a durable nylon with a looped handle built in, and the pod weighs just 39 grams. It is incredibly compact at just 5cm diameter, and the lead retracts back into the pod built into the dog collar when not in use so that it always stays on the dog.

Joseph loves his new Doddle and I think he looks very smart wearing it. It makes walkies a walk in the park, and my happy little chappy needn’t ever miss an adventure again. To use the Doddle I simply pull on the ‘T’ bar to unwind the retractable lead from the pod, and slip my wrist through the built in nylon loop. When we cross the road I lift the lead up to my side to keep Joseph close to me as there is no length lock facility, but he’s a good boy and happily responds to the command of “sit” and “wait” so it’s not a problem for us. Once we get home I slip my wrist out of the lead and let it slowly wind back so as not to ping him in the face, and within seconds we are through the door and he’s napping on the sofa wearing his Doddle, no faffing about or trying to undo clips with cold fingers anymore! Should the Doddle get mucky it can be cleaned with a damp cloth or in the washing machine on a cool cycle, ensuring the dog collar is clipped together first, with the lead pulled out after to ensure that it is fully dried.

The Doddle dog collar costs just £24.00 and is available in a neck size small 28cm-32cm, or a neck size medium of 32cm-40cm. For an additional £8.99 Doddle offers an engraving service onto the pod with space for two lines of text, perfect for a name and telephone number. What a doddle walkies have become!