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Doddle Pod Review by I am Sally

Last year I got to try out the collar Doddle a nifty little device and great for walks, however I often wear a harness as I love car trips and so when I heard they also made a Doddle for harness I was excited to give it a try (after all trying means more walks).

The Doddle for harnesses is pretty much identical to the collar Doddle in how it works, the dog lead retracts into the main body of the Doddle (think of a tape measure type action) and so it means I can easily go from walking by my own to running free across the fields. If they need to hold onto me they just pull the t-bar end of the lead then put their hand back through the loop and bingo I’m back under control.<img src=”” alt=”Doddle dog lead for harnesses” width=”1000″ height=”997″ class=”size-full wp-image-1916″ /> Doddle dog lead for harnesses
While the collar Doddle is attached of course to a collar, the harness version simply comes with a press stud fastening, which can be used to attach it to a multitude of different harnesses. The Doddle is designed so it can be worn all the time when it comes to the collar version, or can just be put on at walkies time, whatever suits your dog the best! <img src=”” alt=”SONY DSC” width=”1000″ height=”665″ class=”size-full wp-image-1915″ /> SONY DSC

The Doddle weight limit is 27k (60llbs / 4.28 stone),so is suitable for dogs up to the size of a small Labrador.

Ok so for the humans (apparently they have a say!) they are hands free, so able to play with me when we are out and about. If I am jumping in and out of the car (great fun), I no longer have to drag the lead behind me, it is all neatly in the small pod..<img src=”” alt=”SONY DSC” width=”1000″ height=”665″ class=”size-full wp-image-1914″ /> SONY DSC

Now all I need to do is convince those humans that I must go out on walks every few minutes and the world will be perfect as ohh I do love the outdoors. Life would not be only a dogs life, it would be a Doddle!!!

The Doddle can be brought from the Doddle website where it costs £24 + £3 postage (which I think is rather a bargain myself).<img src=”” alt=”SONY DSC” width=”1000″ height=”699″ class=”size-full wp-image-1912″ /> SONY DSC

P.S. As I know every dog needs to know I made sure to trial the Doddle with the lay on your back and wiggle your paws in the air move and I can safely say – it stays in place and wiggles are fine! <img src=”” alt=”SONY DSC” width=”1000″ height=”733″ class=”size-full wp-image-1920″ /> SONY DSC