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If you own a dog you’ve probably experienced any number of predicaments when going walkies. Let’s see how many you’ve had to deal with:

mobileDilemaw1. THE MOBILE
You’re out enjoying a walk across the fields with your dog running free when your mobile rings. You answer and begin to chat with a friend and, sure enough, you come to a road which means you have to put your dog back on the lead. But, instead of fumbling with the clip, you’ve got a Doddle. So you simply pull the toggle and your dog is under control.

You arrive at a car park near a beauty spot looking forward to a long walk in the woods. Trouble is, your dog is also raring to go. As you carefully open the tailgate and try to clip on the lead, ooops, the little rascal jumps up and out of the car bounding around and looking like rushing off! But, if you had a Doddle, you’d simply pull the toggle and begin your walk with your dog at your side.

You’re visiting a dog loving friend and he wants to show you his new puppy. Your dog is standing still and observing the newcomer. As the puppy becomes more excited it starts to jump up yapping loudly. You decide to be cautious and move forward to try to clip the lead on to your dog. But instead of a struggle and the risk of a canine altercation, you simply hold the toggle and instantly have you dog under control. Phew!

If you use a walking stick or carry an umbrella when you take your dog for a walk, that only leaves you one hand free. So clipping the lead on and off can be a bit a palaver. When you have a Doddle, the lead is always on the dog. You only need one hand to pull the toggle and…off you go.

There are lots more dog walk dilemas that you may think of and, chances are, Doddle for Dogs can make them fiddle-free! It’s a special collar with an integral, retractable lead which means the lead is always in the same place…on the dog. If you’d like one or you’d like to know more, please go to the Kickstarter website.

Now, instead of being a dilema, walkies is a Doddle!

Walkies is a Doddle