A. A Doddle is a neat robust pod containing a 1m lead for smaller dogs and a 75 cm lead for larger dogs. It is called a “Doddle” because it makes walking your dog child’s play, a cinch, duck soup, a piece of cake, pushover, breeze, walkover, picnic, snap, bagatelle, cakewalk or even a walk in the park!  In other words – very very easy! Why?  Because the dog is carrying the lead, not you…..think about the possibilities…

A. If you choose the Doddle on our bespoke collar, you will find an eyelet on the collar to hang tags, pooh bags, lights, etc.

A. Your dog can swim in it anywhere – the sea, rivers, lakes and even in a swimming pool!   Please be sure to rinse it after use though and stretch it out to dry it out.

A. My two Westies wear theirs all the time, even when asleep but it is up to you.

A. When fully extended the Doddle is approximately 1m for smaller dogs and 75 cm for larger dogs, but the factory tolerance allows for it to be sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.  You can always attach an extender lead or a training lead to the D ring if you want more length.

A. The lead and the collar are both  made from woven nylon and both of which are much stronger than you would ever think possible.

A. We conducted official “Pull Tests” on the Doddle to assess its breaking strain.  It translates to a dog weighing around 25 kilos for smaller dogs and up to 40 kg for larger dogs.   You can see our friends Sadie the Greyhound and Garbo the Labrador wearing their Doddles in a number of our videos

A. The actual plastic housing weighs approximately 40gms which is equivalent to around 2 dishwasher tablets.  The collar is approximately 28 gms  – average weight for a webbing collar;  and the lead and handle approximately 10gms – half a dishwasher tablet. Total weight of the entire Doddle for smaller dogs up to 25 kg  (both the  collar, lead and pod) weighs approximately 77grams.  The total weight of the Doddle for larger dogs is approximately 154 gms.  Usually we find that a standard leather collar for the size of the dog is the same weight as the Doddle.

A. You can clean the Doddle with a damp cloth or just put it into a washing machine on a coolish cycle (40 degrees) in a little laundry bag to protect it. Keep the collar clipped together. Stretch it out to dry afterwards – never put in a tumble dryer.

A. YES.  We also sell the Doddle Pod for harnesses. It’s the Doddle without the collar, and fits on almost all types of harnesses. See Buy Now page for more details.

A. Mainly just on our web site.

A. If we are not offering a promotion, the Doddle will sell at £24/£29.50

A. Yes.  If you don’t like the look of the Doddle when you see it and it hasn’t been worn or used in any way, then you can return it – please see our Returns Policy

A. As with all dog accessories, things can get smelly if they are not kept clean.  Keep it clean with the occasional damp cloth and it should be fine – unless your dog is extra smelly too!

A. We recommend a maximum weight of around 25 kg for our Small, Medium and Medium+ Doddles, and a maximum of 40 kg for our Large Doddle.

A. Yes, the Doddle can cope with a dog that pulls , but it is best to train your dog not to pull!

A. Never use the Doddle to tie your dog to anything. We now sell Doddle Tethers which are designed for tying your dogs when you pop into the shop or stop for a cup of coffee of a glass of wine! See Buy Now page for more details.

A. The collar is but not the lead length.  It is a short control lead that is long enough to walk your dog beside you.  Hopefully most of the time, your dog can run free but you always have the peace of mind knowing that you can easily retrieve the lead when you call your dog back to you.

A. Absolutely! It is designed to get rid of any time wasted clipping and unclipping your lead. The Doddle allows you to gain control of your dog in no time at all. It’s been my primary lead for years!