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Happily Blended Blog Writes Review

Doddle for Dogs is a brand new invention combining a dog lead and dog collar in one item. The Doddle is a  which sits in its own unique housing on the collar. It is lightweight and robust and dogs can wear it day and night through all of their adventures.

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I was asked to test out Doddle for Dogs with Jenny the Pug. After the Doddle for Dogs arrived, in the proper size for my little pug, I opened the package and had someone in the house use it so I could create a video clip. I wanted to showcase how simple this Doddle for Dogs is. I love that this is the perfect asset for my kids to use when I take Jenny the Pug for after school pick up. It’s an easy to use, quick way to ensure I have Jenny on a leash when arriving to the school.

Doddle for Dog Features

  • We guarantee the Doddle’s strength for a dog weighing up to 27 kg – eg a small labrador.
  • The pod weighs only 39 grams or 1.3 ounces – less than the weight of 2 dishwasher tablets.
  • The lead retracts into the pod, so it stays on the dog – so YOU cant lose it!
  • It will keep your dog safe if you need to grab him/her quickly – the lead is always there…indoors or outside – you can rely on the Doddle.

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