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The Doddle – An Ideal Dog Obedience Training Aid

Training heelwork with a toy or treats and need to be able to control your dog if needed without the lead getting in the way?
Training sendaway and want to maintain the excitement but also make sure the dog doesn’t go before you send it?
Or training stays with a young dog and don’t want to disrupt concentration by taking off the lead or leave the lead trailing while you walk away?

The Doddle is the perfect obedience training aid for keeping the dog’s focus and not breaking its concentration. As a previous obedience competitor myself, I can fully appreciate the full control that can be achieved without the disruption of taking the lead on and off. Even if you train without a lead, there are times when it is required to guide the dog into certain positions, particularly when training young dogs. And leaving the lead dragging on the ground while training is not ideal and can distract a puppy or young dog.

Dog obedience training aid
The ideal dog obedience training aid

The Doddle is an ingenious and innovative idea that was featured on the TV Programme “Dragons Den”. The extendable lead fits inside a small pod on the dog’s collar, and a “T-bar” on the end of the lead handle can be easily grasped in an instant. The lead is lightweight but strong and is fully tested and guaranteed to restrain dogs up to 25kg. However, it can also act as a training aid for dogs with a neck size up to 80cm, to guide dogs much heavier than this into position or provide the extra security during training. An agility club recently placed an order for 25 Doddle collars for all its members after seeing the Doddle stand at a show.

It’s also ideal for work in the ring. Setting up for exercises in the lower classes and keeping that focus and concentration from the dog is difficult enough without then breaking that concentration to take off the lead. Guiding the dog into position then just letting go of the lead so that it rewinds back into its lightweight casing on the collar is so much easier. The dog keeps focused, it’s the same as training and the excitement is maintained.

Then, when walking all the dogs during and at the end of the day, it is brilliant to just be able to open the car door and let them go. No leads to root around for in the depths of the untidy car or van after a day at the show. You’ll be happy in the knowledge that if you meet any other dogs that look aggressive or you need to cross a carpark, you can just gather the doddle leads from the dogs and keep them safe, then let them go as soon as the danger has passed.

As Katie J., a doddle customer from Hampshire commented, “I have no idea how I ever managed before! This product has changed my “doggie” world…… no more time wasted looking for the lead to go out for a walk, or when I have lost it on the walk. No more frustration when attempting to attach a lead quickly or having to clip/unclip when I just need the dog under a bit more control for a very short time, i.e. just to cross a road or car park. It’s light, easy to use and functional. THANK YOU so much for my DODDLE – everyone should have one!”

You can order a doddle online here: and we are now supporting the Dogs Trust by donating to them £1 per collar sold.

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