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The Doddle dog collar in action!

Its a Doddle! Dog Collar review by Time With

I was given the opportunity to review doddle for dogs and was happy to put it through its paces and give my honest feedback about the product.

Doddle for dogs is a dog collar with a built in lead, so by combining both the dog collar and lead it makes for walking your dog an absolute breeze.

Sometimes I find it hard trying to take normal leads of the dog when they are trying to pull when on the park or just before I’m releasing them. Or sometimes I can’t find the lead and they need to go out quickly. Now no longer a problem with the Doodle for dog lead as I can simply just grab the dog as they are already wearing the collar and built it lead so its quick and safe to take your dog out.

The Doddle dog collar in action!
The Doddle dog collar in action!

This makes it easy and probably easier for those who suffer with aches and pains or bad backs and struggle sometimes with putting leads on their dogs. So by letting the dog always wear the lead and dog collar it solves that problem too.

It comes in red and looks quite nice, it’s lightweight but strong so not a problem for our PUG and Pugzu. It has a T-bar that you can simply grab and put your hands through the nylon loop and then simply walk.

I found that for some reason the lead actually helped Snug walk better than other leads, I think it was probably due to it being new and different.IMG_0029_2-300x225

The one thing I didn’t like is that it doesn’t have any locking feature for the lead but not a major problem. – I’ve also included some details at the bottom straight from the website about the dog collar that may help with some questions.

However our puppy Puck loved this but for all the wrong reasons as he has a knack for biting Snug’s lead and pulling it so with the T-Bar it took him seconds to figure it out that if he pulls it, it comes out and its fun for him but poor Snug hated it.IMG_0030_2-300x225

We can only use this when on the park otherwise Puck will try and pull at it and as he is a full pug who is very stubborn he will be at it all day.

If you would like to get one of these for your dogs then visit Doddle For Dogs.

From the website a few details about the strength of the Doddle

Strong: We guarantee the Doddle’s strength for a dog weighing up to 27 kg – eg a small labrador
Lightweight: The pod weighs only 39 grams or 1.3 ounces – less than the weight of 2 dishwasher tablets
Compact: Only 5 cm diameter – slightly rounder than a jaffa cake (English chocolate biscuit with jam in the middle)
Convenient: The lead retracts into the pod, so it stays on the dog – so YOU cant lose it!
Comfortable: Your dog wont even notice it – promise – and it saves you carrying the lead around
Fiddle Free: If you have trouble with fiddly carabiner clips OR you are walking loads of dogs – this is a JOY!
Safe: It will keep your dog safe if you need to grab him/her quickly – the lead is always there…indoors or outside – you can rely on the Doddle