Doddle Collar


Doddle for Harnesses


The Doddle is a unique British invention combining a dog lead and dog collar in one item.  The Doddle is a dog collar with an integral lead which sits in its own unique housing on the collar.  It is lightweight and robust and dogs can wear it day and night through all of their adventures.

The Doddle is great in lots of different situations.  For example…

When you’re rushing out the door:

How often have you been in a hurry to go out with the dog and at the last minute can’t find the lead?  Well, with the Doddle, you’ll have one less thing to worry about becasue the lead is always on your dog!

On a long walk in the countryside or on the beach:

Quite often when we walk our dogs they are off their leads, running, adventuring, wandering, sniffing.  But we always need to carry a lead just in case.  Some people carry their dog leads in their hands, others hang the lead around their neck or their wate, or pop it in a bag and carry that.

With the Doddle, there’s no need to carry the lead on a long walk.  Your dog is carrying his or her own lead!

Playing in the park:

We have so many fabulous parks in the UK and they are so well used by everyone – families with children, young people out running or biking, elderly couples out for a stroll.

Sometimes you need to quickly make sure your dog is out of the way of other park users, young children, cyclists, older people who might be using a walking stick.  The Doddle is great for quickly controlling your dog with the lead.  No need to fumble to get your lead ready and then clip it onto the collar.  Just reach down and pull your dog’s lead from the collar, and hey presto, your dog is under control in seconds.

Take a look at our YouTube channel to see how a Doddle could change your dog walking experience.