Amber Dog Neck Band

Natural Raw Amber neck band that looks good and has therapeutic properties too! Size adjustable, manufactured solidly, natural components

Protect your pet with the “Healing power of Nature” instead of using harsh chemical products.

Amber is the most ancient European healing stone, a natural product. It not only serves as a very appealing neck band for your pet, but it is also gaining popularity in cosmetics, homeopathy, spa and animal products.

Developed by veterinarians, raw amber neck bands have been on the market for over 15 years now and they are becoming more and more popular.

No advertising can provide the authenticity of satisfied animal lovers and their word of mouth recommendation. The neck bands are a top selling product in the German pet market and now we have them here in the UK!

Due to the completely natural internal components, Amber acts gently on both humans and animals.

  • Firstly, Amber contains natural essential oils. These oils react with the butanoic acid and ammonia, both natural contents of sweat and sebum. The reaction of the essential oils subdues the “smell” of the animal’s skin and makes it harder to locate . Amber is actually a resin and also contains aromatic chemicals called terpines. These produce a resinous aroma from the amber. When worn on your pet, their fur will absorb this resinous smell from the amber. These resinous aromatic terpines are released when the amber is warmed by the blood.
  • Secondly, as the amber rubs against the animal’s fur, it generates a mild static electrical charge which has been discovered as a natural deterrent, yet it is completely undetectable to the animal. The longer your pet wears the neck band, the more effective it will be. (Amber’s electrical properties were documented by the Ancient Greeks. Amber in Greek means electron.)

Amber is completely natural and free of toxic chemicals. The neck bands are handmade using 100% genuine Baltic Amber, mounted on jewellery wire and fixed by tiny wooden balls (as a natural predetermined breaking point against strangulation). The final length is adjustable by the satin ribbons. (see diagrams)

Free of allergy-producing ingredients and no side effects!
If some stones break while wearing it is not a defect in the product but the guarantee that it is 100% natural material. This amber is untreated and therefore more fragile than treated amber.
It is absolutely not waste from the jewellery industry.

Amber Neck band

According to tradition, amber also acts against the following symptoms:

  • allergy
  • eczema
  • allergic skin diseases
  • inflammation, arthritis
  • vomiting
  • touching phobia
  • fear of new things
  • lack of trust by negative experiences

The neck bands do not replace a visit or a veterinary treatment and we cannot guarantee the effect. From a chemical standpoint, Amber is a preventive method, NOT a medical cure.

Attention: The Neck Band does not replace the conventional collar. No lead can be attached to it.

Instructions for Amber Neck Band

For safety and protection against slipping over the neck and head of the dog, please tie the two loose ends of the satin ribbon just close to the adjustable wooden ball.
To do this, put the open neck band over the animal’s neck and slide the adjustable wooden ball back until the chain rests against the neck of the dog (about 1-2 finger’s width should at least remain between the neck and chain).

Then tie the two loose ends of the satin ribbon close to the adjustable wooden ball. You can optionally cut the satin ribbon and tie/reseal the open ends of satin ribbon or leave the original length by opening the node and make it easier to remove the chain from the neck of the animal.


Amber Neck band Adjustable
Amber Neck band Adjustable
Amber Neck band Adjustable

Knotting the open ends just close to the wooden ball:

Amber Neck band Adjustable
Amber Neck band Adjustable
Amber Neck band Adjustable

We recommend that you wash the neck band every 3 months, or just leave it on when you are washing your dog!

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