A Doddle Pod is a small robust pod containing the Doddle retractable lead that is fixed onto your dog harness. The lead springs in and out with a looped handle for immediate control of your pooch, keeping them safe if you need to grab them quickly. It can be attached to most harnesses with a D or O ring. This effectively gives you a dog harness with retractable lead and makes your whole dog walking experience happier, safer and so “fiddle free” that we called it a Doddle. In a few days, you will wonder what you did before you started using the “DODDLE”!

A revolutionary dog lead for harnesses 

The Doddle is –

  • Convenient: You never ever have to think about the lead because it is already on your dog
  • Safe: It will keep your dog safe if you need to grab or let go of the lead QUICKLY
  • Hassle free: No fiddly clips to challenge your fingers. No need to carry a lead
  • Comfortable: Your dog won’t notice it
  • Responsible: The lead has a looped handle to ensure ultimate control
  • Economical: An added bonus, you will never lose a lead again!
  • Strong: We guarantee the Doddle’s strength for a dog weighing up to 25 kg (small/medium) or 40 kg (large)
  • Lightweight: The little pod weighs less than 39 grams (1.3 oz)
    The big pod weighs 113 grams (4 oz)
  • Compact: The little pod is only 5cm in diameter
    The big pod is 5.5cm diameter

You will never have to search for your lead – it’s on your dog!

Doddle Pod for Harnesses

For dogs up to a maximum weight of 25kg  for the small/medium and 40kg for the large.

Please note – fits best to harnesses with crossback straps, see diagram 

How to use your new Doddle Pod

Doddle Dog Harness Pod and Lead Diagram
Doddle pod for harnesses Diagram Above
Doddle Dog Harness Pod and Lead Diagram
Doddle Dog Harness Pod and Lead Diagram

We recommend that you attach the Doddle Pod to the harness prior to putting
the harness on your dog. Once attached, it can remain on the harness, giving you a safe, convenient and hassle-free dog harness with built in retractable lead.

Doddle for Dogs