Doddle retractable dog collarA new British innovation, the Doddle retractable dog collar is a revolutionary idea that has been featured in the BBC’s Dragons Den.
The invention consists of a small pod, 5cm in diameter and weighing less than 1.3 ounces, that is permanently and securely fixed to the Doddle collar. The pod encases a 1m long retractable lead that fully retracts safely into the pod when not being used. The lead is very easy to grab if needed quickly and the looped handle safely springs back into the casing when not in use.

Doddle retractable collar: ideal for the following situations:

  • When the owner is hiking or running with the dog and does not want to have to carry a lead
  • When walking in areas where there are distractions or hazards and the owner needs to be able to grab the dog quickly and safely
  • When walking where there are other dogs for quick control when meeting another dog, without having to fiddle with taking the lead on and off every time
  • When visiting new places, inside or out, where the dog can be off-lead but close control is required
  • In the home when there are children, elderly people or other distractions and you need immediate control
  • With puppies that are into everything in the home and need gentle training and guidance
  • In obedience, agility or other training situations when the dog’s lead can be quickly used for added guidance or training purposes without fumbling with a lead and losing the dog’s concentration


Retractable collarAfter rigorous factory testing, we can fully guarantee that the Doddle retractable dog collar will safely restrain all dogs up to 25kg in weight.
Dogs weighing over 25kg that are unlikely to pull and just need gentle restraint can also benefit from the extendable doddle collar. For example, we recently sold 25 dog collars to a UK dog agility training club for gentle restraint for their agility dogs during training.

Other Doddle features

The Doddle can be worn all the time as the dog’s main collar and it can be worn in water if your dog enjoys swimming or paddling! It is fully machine washable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth between washes.
There are 3 retractable collar sizes, all fully adjustable to suit your dog’s neck size. The collars have a “D” ring for attaching identification tags and the pod part of the collar can be engraved if required.


“I’m a keen runner and my dogs love to go off the lead. However when I run I need to be able to grab them at a moment’s notice: the Doddle is perfect as I can grab them whenever I need to without having to fiddle with clips and collars, then just let go of the lead; it always springs back into the “pod” and they then carry their leads wherever they run. Wonderful!”

David Dickson, BVetMed CertAVP(VC) MRCVS
The Veterinary Cardiology Service