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Maggie Says – Review

I was given a great opportunity to try out a Doddle.

As usual, Jax was very excited to open the parcel (he somehow always knows it’s for him).

The  that has a 1m length lead built into it with a looped handle at the end for an easy hold. It isn’t heavy, weighing only 39 grams, which means it doesn’t encumber your dog. They are available for small and medium dogs up to a weight of 27kg, and a neck size of 40cm, perfect for my little Jax.

It does look a bit bulky, but it didn’t bother Jax at all, he gave his head a little shake to settle the collar then didn’t even notice it. He’s still able to run madly after his ball with no problems, and this way , that’s if we can catch him first!

This collar is great as it means no more carrying (or losing, as that has happened before!) the lead, and if you quickly need to have your dog on a lead it’s already there. Jax can sometimes get a bit intimidated by other dogs, especially ones that are bigger than him, and this collar gives us a quick way to pull him away.
It’s also great for little journeys in the car when he’s taking me to work, or popping to the shops, he can just wear this collar in case we need the lead, which in all cases we don’t.

There is also a great option of having your Doddle collar engraved for a bit extra, up to two lines are available which means you can put your dogs name and your telephone number as you would on a dog tag.

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