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Doddle dog lead for harnesses

Pea’s walks were a Doddle! By The Furries

Little Pea had a treat this week when he was taken out more than once a day with HuDad but the reason for it was simply to test out a new little dog lead that he was sent – the Doddle for Dogs.

HuDad has a habit of forgetting where he puts the dog lead when he takes Pea out for walks as he’ll take the lead off when he gets to the door and then either put it down in the kitchen which then gets moved around when he’s tidying up, or taking it into the bathroom with him where he’ll either leave it resting on the bin or the cistern. So when Humum was asked to review the Doddle she couldn’t wait!

Doddle dog lead for harnesses
Doddle dog lead for harnesses

Pea owns 2 different types of harnesses. 1 has a huge ring on it which sits on his fur, and the other harness has a toggle connected to the main ring and then this goes to another ring on a short length of cord. HuMum found that you could clip it on both the harnesses easily (and with the cord one you could clip it on the big ring or the small ring depending how you wanted to use it).

When I go out for a walk with HuDad I don’t run, I just walk right by his side but Pea loves to run away from HuDad when we get to the park. When he tried it with the Doddle on, he couldn’t run very far as it was too short. For me though it would be perfect as I don’t like to run off, especially with my poorly back leg.

HuDad found it a little difficult to make Pea walk by the side of him though as it kept cutting into his hand but if he just let Pea run off to the leads full extent, it was a lot better.

The connection to the harness is made by clipping the Doddle via 2 tightly connected poppers. Not sure if this would hold with Vay or Alice though, as even though they are under the 27kg that it recommends they do have a tendency to pull very vigorously.ITDLDoddle

There are 2 different types of Doddle for Dogs. One is the Harness one which Pea has and the other is a bespoke collar with the Doddle directly connected to it. This would probably be better for me and Daddy Bo as we don’t like it when HuDad gets hold of our collars to put the lead on, but if we already had the lead on our collars, he’d only just have to grab the lead and away we would go. If the pod that the lead retracts into though is the same size as the harness one, I might find it a bit uncomfortable to sleep with but I’m sure that once you get the collar one fitted, your HuMum or HuDad would arrange it so you weren’t laying on it.

It definitely gave HuMum a lot to think about as she knows how much we hate having the leads put on us and if she bought the collar ones we’d have no excuse to go out for walks… although I’m sure I could find a few…


Shelby x