Amber Powder


For Dogs AND Cats

Baltic amber powder – 100% natural fur and skin care!

Amber boosts the body metabolism, stimulates natural energy spots, removes physical and emotional pressure and supports the elimination of toxic substances. It stimulates wound healing, is styptic and antibacterial. It removes superfluous oil from body and hair and stimulates growth of your pet’s coat and prevents dander. It also protects your pet from fleas and ticks.

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Amber Powder is a natural blocker for ultraviolet rays.

Gentle rubbing over the body’s surface will uncramp skin and muscles, boost blood circulation. This gentle massage also releases natural amber salt & other essential oils, as well as amber oil. You can smell this!

Free of allergy-producing ingredients and no side effects! It is absolutely not waste from the jewellery industry.

According to tradition, amber also acts against the following symptoms:

– Allergy, eczema, allergic skin diseases, inflammation, arthritis, vomiting, touching phobia, fear of new things, and lack of trust by negative experiences

Since the effect of amber against fleas and ticks and all other amber promised benefits have not been scientifically proven, we expressly point out that our claims do not replace a visit to your vet and we cannot guarantee the effect.

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