Average Dog Neck Size

This chart is to be used as a guide only and is based on the average adult dog size for each breed, so when your puppy is growing, then the neck size will be smaller. If your dog is not listed here then simply measure the neck size and if it is between 28-32 cms you need a SMALL and if it is between 32-40 cms you need a MEDIUM.

Sizes may differ depending on the age and sex of the dog.

Dog BreadMetricImperial
Beagle30.5 - 45.7cm12-18 Inches
Bichon Frise35.6 - 45.7cm14-18 Inches
Border Collie35.6 - 45.7cm14-18 Inches
Boston Terrier30.5 - 45.7cm12-18 Inches
Brittany35.6 - 40.6cm14-16 Inches
Bulldog French30.5 - 40.6cm12-16 Inches
Bull Terrier30.5 - 45.7cm12- 18 Inches
Cairn Terrier25.4 - 40.6cm10-16 Inches
Chihuahua20.3 - 35.6cm8-14 Inches
Chinese Crested20.3 - 27.9cm8-11 Inches
Cocker Spaniel30.5 - 45.7cm12-18 Inches
Corgi35.6 - 40.6cm14-16 Inches
Dachshund Mini20.3 - 43cm8-17 Inches
Dalmatian35.6 - 50.8cm14-20 Inches
Fox Terrier25.4 - 40.6cm10-16 Inches
Greyhound35.6 - 45.7cm14-18 Inches
Greyhound Italian20.3 - 27.9cm8-11 Inches
Jack Russell Terrier25.4 - 35.6cm10-14 Inches
Lhasa Apso30.5 - 40.6cm12-16 Inches
Maltese25.4 - 35.6cm10-14 Inches
Papillon20.3 - 30.5cm8-12 Inches
Pekingese30.5 - 40.6cm12-16 Inches
Poodle Mini25.4 - 40.6cm10-16 Inches
Poodle Standard30.5 - 40.6cm12-16 Inches
Poodle Toy20.3 - 35.6cm8-14 Inches
Pug30.5 - 40.6cm12-16 Inches
Schnauzer Standard35.6 - 50.8cm14-20 Inches
Schnauzer Mini25.4 - 40.6cm10-16 Inches
Scottish Terrier35.6 - 50.8cm14-20 Inches
Shih Tzu25.4 - 35.6cm10-14 Inches
Springer Spaniel35.6 - 45.7cm14-18 Inches
Staffordshire Terrier35.6 - 50.8cm14-20 Inches
West Highland Terrier30.5 - 35.6cm12–14 Inches
Wheaten Terrier39.0 - 55.9cm18-22 Inches
Yorkshire Terrier15.2 - 30.5cm6-12 Inches

Doddle with Collar


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Please note that there may be import duty imposed by your country if you are purchasing from outside the UK.

Size Guide

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The Doddle is currently available in 3 sizes:
Small – neck size 28cm to 32cm (11″ – 12.5″)
Medium – neck size 32cm to 40cm (12.5″ – 15.75″)
Medium + – neck size 40cm to 45cm (15.75″ – 17.7″)

For dogs up to a maximum weight of 25kg.

The Doddle comprises a strong nylon webbing collar with a built-in retractable lead that has a looped handle. Once you fasten the collar you have a built-in lead that is always on the dog. The durable plastic pod contains a reel of high strength nylon webbing which pulls out to a standard (1m) length retractable lead with the looped handle for immediate control.

Please note that there may be import duty imposed by your country if you are purchasing from outside the UK.


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