Doddle Tether


We have a limited number of Doddle Tethers now available for your dog. They go around a post / table leg / or whatever you might need to momentarily tie your dog up to.  You just thread the Doddle Tether through the handle of your Doddle.

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Although we would never suggest you should tie your dog to something for a while unattended, there are times when it is helpful to have a hands free opportunity.  Because you cannot use the lead part of the Doddle for this purpose, we are happy to offer the Doddle Tether as the perfect solution. You just thread it through the loop handle(s) of your Doddle(s) and then clip around the post, stand, gate, table leg or whatever is available for you to use.  Please don’t let your pooch chew through the lead though and do keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get into a tangle.  Always be a responsible dog owner.

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