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Review by Life in a breakdown

Doddle for Dogs, is a revolutionary lead and collar, it allows you to know you can quickly grab your dog at any moment due to the fact the lead is inbuilt into the collar, so no matter the situation arising, you know you have total control.

Before receiving the Doddle I have to admit many thoughts went through my mind, such as, I’m sure it is going to be heavy, would it really take Sal’s weight (around 20kg – even though it states upto 27kg) and would it just be a bit of a gimmick, however I was pleasantly surprised by it when it arrived.

The ‘pod’ that the lead retraces into weighs just 38 grams and the lead is kept from fully retracting into the pod by the T shaped end which is buffered by a metal clip. You have to remember however the T shaped component is only for grabbing the lead, you must not use this part to hold while walking the dog as it isn’t built to withhold the same weight and pull as the looped handle found just below.

Doddle Review

As with any dog, Sally is always up for going on a walk – so while getting her to try out the Doddle was easy, photographing it in action was a little more difficult.

The Doddle fits Sal perfectly at the largest setting and she doesn’t seem to find it any more uncomfortable than a normal lead, for us ‘humans’ it took a little getting used to, but in the end feels just as safe as any other combination of collar / harness or lead we have used.

I find the ability to grab the lead from the pod is really useful – especially when recalling your dog after they have been playing ‘off lead’ in the park, or if you need to quickly grab a hold should another person or dog be coming close.

The concept has definitely be well thought out and as a dog owner, I think it is a great addition to our arsenal of products, as it makes so many different situations easier.

I guess the only downside to Doddle is the limitations when it comes to dog size – while there is two sizes available you are looking at a small fitting 12.5″ to 15.75″ and medium 12.5″ to 15.75″ and of course the maximum weight capacity is 27kgs.

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