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Roxy’s Doddle- Dog collar review By Canine Crazy

So every now and then I get sent something to review, well when I got offered the chance to review the Doddle dog Collar I jumped at it because I remember seeing it on Dragons Den and it looked like a great idea. Basically it’s a collar with an extender lead built into it, very clever little idea indeed.

Dog collar
Dog collar

Roxy my little staffy cross isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box and often miss judges gaps and runs into things so I decided to use her as my Doddle dog collar guinea pig, if it survived being on Roxys neck for a month it would survive a nuclear holocaust!

So it arrived in its tiny cute little box and I was very surprised at how light it is. According to the Doddle website it weighs just 39 grams, the same as two dish washer tablets.

I must admit I did wonder if it would be uncomfortable for a dog to wear as the plastic box that houses the extendable lead does stick out but I tested it on both my dogs and it didn’t bother them in the slightest.image

Now I love this dog collar, it hasn’t been off of Roxys neck and is just wonderful for use on walks…grab the lead handle, pull and off you go. Easy peasy and saves carrying a lead around when we get to the fields.

It’s not a long lead but long enough at 1 metre and perfect for dogs that are ‘off lead’ dogs, use it to walk to the park then let go and that’s that, then it’s nice and easy to grab, pull out and head home again.

I highly recommend this awesome little collar but it’s worth noting that this dog collar lead combo isn’t suitable for every dog. I always write honest reviews and although the Doddle Collar is perfect for my dog it won’t be for everyone. You don’t have much control over your dog with the lead as there is no way to ‘lock’ the extending lead so you can only use it with a dog that walks nicely and although it is very tough (surviving Roxy is proof of that) I personally wouldn’t use it on a large dog that pulls or very strong dogs. Doddle also makes this clear on their website, they are only recommended for a dog weighing up to 27 kilos but they say the Doddle can cope with a dog that pulls, but not more than a pull equivalent to approx. 50 kgf (kilograms)

Now all I’ve got to decide is which of my dogs gets to wear the Doddle collar?!