Dragons Den

When South Harting/West Sussex businesswoman Sally Pattie took her invention for a combined dog collar and lead to Dragons’ Den, she had no idea that her dog Bertie would steal the show.

After working on the project for over the last three years, Sally finally had a production prototype ready to present with the intention of getting Dragon backing to fulfil higher production targets. She had analysed all her figures, honed a viable business plan and rehearsed her pitch. Feeling coolly confident, Sally held Bertie the Westie in her arms and waited for the lift doors to open.

On entering the Den Sally noticed Deborah Meaden smiling at Bertie – at least one Dragon wasn’t breathing fire! Sally placed Bertie down beside her but, instead of standing still for her presentation, Bertie started to wander over to the Dragons. Quickly, Sally reached forward, grasped the Doddle and held Bertie back.

“Ooops! That’s the product revealed sooner than planned.”Sally’s intention was to explain how her invention ‘Doddle for Dogs’eliminates all the hassle of clipping and unclipping a dog lead. The lead sits in a pouch on the collar and unwinds as it is pulled. Because the lead is always on the dog, you don’t spend time looking for a lost lead. Dogs can wear the Doddle all the time, even sleep in it….anyway, Bertie decided to just do a demo!

Unfortunately, none of the Dragons appreciated that ‘walkies is a Doddle’. But most dog owners who see the product in action think it’s brilliant. With over 8.0 million dogs in the UK, Sally is confident that there are plenty of owners who will become ‘Doddlers’ over the next few years. Doddle for Dogs will be available to purchase via Sally’s website, www.doddlefordogs.com, and through a growing number of pet shops around the UK. And, once you have one, ‘walkies is a Doddle’.