4 Terriers and a Rottie

September 30, 2017

I’ve received the Doddles already – incredible service, thank you!  Once adjusted, they all fit perfectly too, which is brilliant.

Thank you also for your enclosed note saying that the dogs may need time to get used to feel of the collar.  I adjusted the size as necessary, and put them straight on each of the dogs.  Happy to say that there was no problem at all, the dogs weren’t concerned in the slightest.  They wore them for about an hour before I was ready to go out, and weren’t bothered in the slightest.

As far as using the Doddle’s whilst out – what a fantastic, brilliant concept.  It felt really strange to not be burdened with leads, and not only was it great to not have to put the leads ON, it was just as good to not have to take them OFF!!  It felt really odd to just let the lead go, and off went the dog.  I normally ‘wear’ the leads around my neck once I’ve removed them from each dog, so they’re to hand, ready when required, it was so odd to not have to do that, and to not have to keep checking that I still had  all the leads – I’ve lost quite few over the years!

I’m absolutely thrilled, and I’m sure I’ll have loads of people ask me about them, whilst on my walks.  I’ll heartily recommend them, and also mention the service and help that you give. (Jilly Mead)

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