The Good Vet & Pet Guide

September 3, 2015

5 out of 5 stars

Fast forward to the present and a journey that led to an audience with BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den, and we have a very cool and smart looking integrated collar and lead for the small and medium-sized dog. Larger dogs can wear it provided they do not pull although the manufacturer only warrants it up to around 27kg in weight.

So far, so good. But does it actually work? Step forward Sid The MinIature Pinscher cross, the Good Vet & Pet Guide’s very own head of product testing. What better place to give the Doddle for Dogs its first outing than at DogFest 2015 in Loseley Park.

Not only does the Doddle look smart, it is also incredibly light which means (in theory at least) it can be worn all the time. It is also waterproof too – perfect for those unplanned summer swims and rainstorms. Sid had no difficulty adapting to this new collar which, for a dog with a definite mind of his own(!), was a real bonus.

The retractable integrated lead had a useful hand loop and felt really sturdy when negotiating the ups and downs of the show venue. Doddle for Dogs is one of those products which cause you to think ‘now why didn’t I invent that’ – it is really that good. It is also available for dogs who wear harnesses and both designs come with the ability to hold engraved name tags.

Sid is happy to award Doddle for Dogs 5 stars out of 5! High praise indeed!