I've received the Doddles already - incredible service, thank you!  Once adjusted, they all fit perfectly too, which is brilliant.


Thank you also for your enclosed note saying that the dogs may need time to get used to feel of the collar.  I adjusted the size as necessary, and put them straight on each of the dogs.  Happy to say that there was no problem at all, the dogs weren't concerned in the slightest.  They wore them for about an hour before I was ready to go out, and weren't bothered in the slightest.


As far as using the Doddle's whilst out - what a fantastic, brilliant concept.  It felt really strange to not be burdened with leads, and not only was it great to not have to put the leads ON, it was just as good to not have to take them OFF!!  It felt really odd to just let the lead go, and off went the dog.  I normally 'wear' the leads around my neck once I've removed them from each dog, so they're to hand, ready when required, it was so odd to not have to do that, and to not have to keep checking that I still had  all the leads - I've lost quite few over the years!


I'm absolutely thrilled, and I'm sure I'll have loads of people ask me about them, whilst on my walks.  I'll heartily recommend them, and also mention the service and help that you give. (Jilly Mead)

September 30, 2015

5 out of 5 stars

Fast forward to the present and a journey that led to an audience with BBC TV's Dragons' Den, and we have a very cool and smart looking integrated collar and lead for the small and medium-sized dog. Larger dogs can wear it provided they do not pull although the manufacturer only warrants it up to around 27kg in weight.

So far, so good. But does it actually work? Step forward Sid The MinIature Pinscher cross, the Good Vet & Pet Guide's very own head of product testing. What better place to give the Doddle for Dogs its first outing than at DogFest 2015 in Loseley Park.

Not only does the Doddle look smart, it is also incredibly light which means (in theory at least) it can be worn all the time. It is also waterproof too - perfect for those unplanned summer swims and rainstorms. Sid had no difficulty adapting to this new collar which, for a dog with a definite mind of his own(!), was a real bonus.

The retractable integrated lead had a useful hand loop and felt really sturdy when negotiating the ups and downs of the show venue. Doddle for Dogs is one of those products which cause you to think 'now why didn't I invent that' - it is really that good. It is also available for dogs who wear harnesses and both designs come with the ability to hold engraved name tags.

Sid is happy to award Doddle for Dogs 5 stars out of 5! High praise indeed!

The Good Vet & Pet Guide September 3, 2015

Great invention! Well done

Christine Bowler September 3, 2015

Superb. You've reminded me I need to place that order with you.
Everybody comments on Jasper's collar and are then very pleasant surprised when they see the "magic"!
Ingenious invention.

Della Ferrari Lamden September 3, 2015

I bought 5 of these for my dogs, they are brilliant!

June Backmeier September 3, 2015

I had something similar to this 30 years ago and have spent all this time looking for another one. They are brilliant and I can't recommend them strongly enough - so convenient, useful and my dogs are safe as they always have a lead on for me to hold them.

Fran Wiley August 5, 2015


I have no idea how I ever managed before! This product has changed my "doggie" world...... no more time wasted looking for the lead to go out for a walk, or when I have lost it on the walk. No more frustration when attempting to attach a lead quickly or having to clip/unclip when I just need the dog under a bit more control for a very short time, i.e. just to cross a road or car park. It's light, easy to use and functional. THANK YOU so much for my DODDLE - everyone should have one!


Katie J - Hampshire via Amazon July 1, 2015

Fantastic bit of kit

Ingenious bit of kit. Very happy indeed. Saves all the gaffing around remembering where we put the lead plus when we are out there is not hassle but the security of knowing you can pull the lead out when ever a situation arises. Our little dog Mango is happy wearing it and its the best thing when I go running. Would highly recommend. Best lead yet - its a doddle.

M M T Jackson June 23, 2015

Fantastic product for small to medium dogs

I bought two of these at a dog show and they are fantastic, very lightweight and can be used to hold the dog very quickly, would definitely recommend

Dogsrock via Amazon May 17, 2015

Doddle Strong but Lightweight 🙂

I bought one of these collars from a Trade Show for our little dog Bertie. I have to say amazing as it's lightweight but strong. The great thing is no more lead round my neck or in my hands. Fantastic practical idea that looks great too. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a small dog.

Lisa Newton February 22, 2015

Every good dog deserves a Doddle – what would be an easier way to make sure you always have a lead and a collar on a dog who doesn’t really need either – you stick it on, and it’s all there!

Convenient handle is also handy when crossing the road or regaining control of your dog for a period of time, and... no need to take the lead off – it just goes where the dog does!

And you might be onto something when walking a Doddle dog in any of the “On-Lead” parks – the dog DOES stay on lead at all times even when you don’t hold it! (I’m not sure the rangers will agree though) So – great gadget for those of you who would like to have an “On-Lead Off-leash dog” when out and about!


Dima Yeremenko January 28, 2015

Brilliant, what a fantastic product. I have 2 dogs and now not only I don't have to carry the leads but the lead in the doddle is easy to pull out and as it retracts the dogs don't get tangled. Also great to get hold of the dogs quickly and let go. Perfect for running with the dog. Excellent product, I wish I had it a long time ago so I did not have to spend all that money replacing leads.

Mariana Barreda via Amazon December 7, 2014

Very pleased with my Doddle. I’m always having to decline dog walks as I don’t have a lead with me and now it’s right there inside my dog’s collar. Being able to grab the lead to stop my dog is also a bonus as is not having to carry the lead around on walks when I’ve let her lose. So many benefits and so far, no drawbacks with the product. Don’t know why someone hasn’t thought of this before. Highly recommended.

IVB via Amazon November 25, 2014