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Alfie thinking about his next trip.

Train travel and how the Doddle helps to manage your dog.

Kindly written by Carol –

How train travel with a dog is simplified using a Doddle:

I purchased my first Doddle for my West Highland White Terrier, Alfie, about 5/6 years ago. At that time I was planning some train travel and wanted to take my dog with me. I did a short test train journey with Alfie to see what, if any, problems came to light before booking the main journey. What a good idea this was, as the collar and lead that I was using at that time (one of those long retractable leads with a ridged handle that you can’t get over your wrist ) was not appropriate. 


I realised I needed to have both hands free (especially at times of having to show tickets, or having the ability to hold onto a grab rail whilst the train was is in motion if I couldn’t get a seat). I desperately wanted to have more control of Alfie so as not to be a danger to myself or fellow passengers, i.e. if his lead was too long it could cause a trip hazard for both me and others. 

Therefore, MORE research into a better alternative to my retractable pet lead for my train travel was required!

I happened to meet a fellow dog walker and was intrigued by what I saw his pet wearing. The Doddle is an eye catcher! Having talked with him I saw how great the Doddle design was. I also realised it was just what I was looking for. Since purchasing it for our train travels I’ve never looked back. I definitely will not go back to traditional dog collars and leads.

Importantly, here are some additional plus points of the Doddle for daily walking that I would like to share:

1. When I feel I can let Alfie off the lead safely for a run around with the Doddle, he carries it in the pod on his collar and not me.

2. If I need to get a hold of Alfie quickly when I’m not holding his lead, I can quickly grab it from his collar and have full control of him without the delay of having to fumble to attach a lead.

We both couldn’t do without it.

from Carol & Alfie the Westie from West Yorkshire – 26/04/2021