Should I use a dog lead to tie my dog up at the shop?

Sometimes we are so busy that we just have to combine the shopping trip with a dog walk and entertaining the kids. We all do it, but the question of whether to take the dog, use the lead to tie them up outside the shop and, by so doing, leave them outside, is not an easy one to answer.

Sadly we all know that the instances of dog theft are on the increase and so we would always advise you to take care.

We sometimes leave Bertie outside our local village shop because it is safe, no one is going to steal him and he doesn’t fret.  It is also possible because there is a nice little loopey thing to put the handle of the Doddle  around.  We wouldn’t ever actually tie the lead around something.  Lots of people know Bertie and so he gets lots of attention, but we are never inside for long – especially if it is a baking hot day.

Bertie at the South Harting Stores