‘Walkies’ – An expert’s view.

We all know how frustrating it is when our humans are all set to go for a walk and…they can’t find the lead.


Bertie in the Driving SeatYou jump up, run around, do the excited panting bit and, “Hang on a minute, I’m sure Ieft it on the chair”. Then they have a rummage through the coat rack, check inside the welly boots then, give you that accusing look as if you must have buried it.

Well, brilliant news. A breakthrough in human-leading (or dog-walking as they call it). It’s called Doddle for Dogs and it’s a British invention and I think it’s a stroke of genius. (Mind you a ‘stroke’ of any kind is always welcome!) The idea is that the collar houses an integral, retractable normal length lead. When it’s time for walkies, the human simply pulls the toggle, slips their hand through the looped handle and off we go!

Doddle - Lead extended with captions

The big advantage is that the lead is always on the dog. Yes I know that’s not our job but, think of the benefits: 1. They can never lose the lead. 2. They don’t have to struggle to attach the lead. 3. They don’t have to fiddle with getting the clip on and off to let us run free. 4. It’s so light we can even sleep wearing it. 5. If you want to take plunge in a pond, no worries, they can wash the Doddle if they want to.

A labrador friend of mine reckons there are around 8 million of us dogs in the UK. I can’t work it out but if we all walk at least once a day, that’s a heck of a lot of walkies. And every single one can be a Doddle! If you would like to know more about this fiddle-free invention, check out our website at www.doddlefordogs.com

The more humans who have a Doddle, the more enjoyable walkies will be.

Happy stick chasing, Crummie.