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We Love Our Dogs

We Love Our Dogs We Love Our Dogs - PagesWe Love Our Dogs - PagesFew animals come in more shapes, sizes, colours and personalities than dogs. Whether you adore chihuahuas or find great danes irresistible, as a dog lover you gain instant membership to a worldwide ‘club’.

“We Love Our Dogs” is a collection of some of the most heartwarming and emotional photos of our most endearing animal friends. A tribute to the diversity of the canine world, the high quality photos depict many breeds, both pedigree (and those not so recognisable) enjoying time with their owners.

Lives that begin as adorable puppies and progress, playing and learning as they go, to form a close bond with their owners that last a lifetime. To celebrate our memories spent in the company of our dogs, Sally Pattie our founder at Doddle for Dogs has put together this collection of the cutest dog pictures with twisted quotes from famous people. Each page reflects our enthusiasm and love for these loyal characters who give so much delight and comfort.

Whether it is the thrill of watching your dog run free in the countryside or the companionship they provide as you sit beside a warm fire, our dogs lives are inseparably intertwined with our own. And, we wouldn’t have it any other way..

“We Love Our Dogs” is available to buy through as a hardback or you can get a FREE e-PhotoBook version by sharing our Doddle for Dogs Facebook on Facebook or Twitter.